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Startup Rockstars

Lasse Chor gives a rockstar intro. Foto: Jasper Tessmann

‚Are you ready to rrrrrummmmmble??’

Lasse Chor is on the microphone, beaming, eyes wide open while the upper floor of the Hafen University in Hamburg is literally boiling! What we just witness isn’t the boxing fight of Klitschko vs. Chagaev. It’s final Pitch of Startup Weekend Hamburg 2012. 54 hours have passed and 15 Teams made their way through all troubles of becoming entrepreneurs while founding their own businesses. In legal questions or marketing issues the teams were supported by business-approved mentors all through the weekend. They ran through numerous stages of problem settings, had to rearrange and rethink their concepts and business plans many times. Now it’s their turn to present their startups to a jury consisting of VCs and legal and financial consultants who witnessed quite a few entrepreneural dreams.

Judges also tend to frighten the newbies with questions like: ‚Now, tell us, how do you actually plan to make money?‘  The teams certainly feel like having to fight both Klitschkos at once. I know, since I was standing there with my teammates the year before. Adrenalin to the tips of your hair, I can tell you… This year it’s me just in the audience, red faced and exited as the crowd on stage, only fighting tweetbattles with other spectors.

Edial Dekker of Gidsy gave a great speech about the vast number of possibilties we have nowadays. Foto: Jasper Tessmann

Lasse, pitch-proved-entrepreneur himself, knows how to put the heat to the audience and announces a very special guest speaker: Edial Dekker of Gidsy, a marketplace for activities, located in Berlin (and other cities) and quite popular among German journalists. He and his co-founders recently caused a stir in the German startup world when they won Ashton Kutcher as an investor. Lara Obst, Startup-Weekend team-member and blogger-in-chief caught the essence of Edial’s great speech:

‚it’s the perfect time to start a company! Not because of financial or economic reasons.  It is the spirit of the time, our generation, our way of thinking. We all have the responsibility and moreover the access and power the take part. Not only of something, but of everything. We can create content, program it, mix it up, change it, share it, make it better. Now go and do it!‘

Clear the ring for pitching

Now step aside for those who are willing to do so! The 3-minutes-pitches are held in various ways: Little theatre plays, video intros and presentations of first dummy-websites. The range of startup-up ideas is unlimited and offeres the audience: Safety jewellery, adorable cupcakes and sustainable laundry service, just to name a few. Here’s just a quick glimpse on what the pitches looked like on twitter #swhh12 (a tiny extract):



green shower


So who is the winner now?

Shortly after the presentations and serious questioning by the jury, Nils-Carsten Huber, IBM Innovation Strategy Consulting Leader, is the fortunate jury-member to announce the winners. He actually seems as nervous as the pitching crowd.

And the winners of Startup-Weekend Hamburg 2012 are…

The Prize for “best pitch” goes to Bunny & Scott! A cupcakes-bakery that started off as a spontaneous baking session to finance the a summer holiday trip. Their extremely delicious samples were greedely engulfed by the audience. Bunny&Scott are already busy producing cupcakes in numerous tastes and cater them for private and business occasions. The team around Lilly Merks plans to open their own shop in Hamburg soon. Greedy me, I uttered my special preferences due to the location during the pitches…

Cupcakes freshly produced in the Schanze soon??

The “most innovative” prize is handed over to team mycampFM which is a social network for audio where you can actually share your voice with your friends. An audible twitter, so to speak. If you ask me, Fabian Gebert, Michael Gorski and Olaf Stetter should additionally have been given the audience-prize for best-dressed-team. MycampFM is planned to be a freemium-modell, generating revenue with suscriptions. The website is already live and working.

Runners up with the prize for most innovative startup: mycampFM. Foto: Jasper Tessmann

And now… drumroll for the overall-winner of Startup-Weekend Hamburg 2012:

get2play – an online platform to learn how to play instruments. Tobias Rauscher is an eager musician himself and was often asked for online teaching lessons. So the idea about an e-learning platform was virtually self-evident. As Lara puts it:

‚He knows the market and its needs! People want to choose their teacher, no matter where they live. On this platform they get together, slam and learn, connected through a special software, which shows music sheets and makes meetings interactive. Famous youtube guitar stars already confirmed to join, likewise good local and international working music teachers. So get to play and start learn how to make music!‘

According to Tobias, get2play is just a project name. Understandably, he doesn’t want to limit the idea to music. The e-learning concept offers quite a wide range of amplification.

Overall Winner: Team of get2play. Foto: Jasper Tessmann

Tobias and his team are recently looking for software developer, designers and marketers to boost the team and get quickly startet with their website. They also think about moving either to Hamburg or Berlin (well, I hope for Hamburg, of course).

Annother startup worth mentioning

They didn’t win a prize, nevertheless they won my micro-blogging-heart: The project of Oliver Hermanni who presents ‚gleanter‘ with his teammates. For heavy-twitter-user, it is often hard to find relevant information in the timeline, especially if you check it after twitter-rushhours late in the evenings. Due to Oliver, gleanter

‚helps you with that. It creates a personal timeline and stores relevant information   about the website behind the link, like meta description, keywords, etc. By defining simple rules you can filter your tweets into categories, remove irrelevant tweets and more.‘

gleanter presentation

The end of Startup-Weekend…

is actually the beginning of a new promising startup-year with many ideas that should be kept in mind. A special thanks goes to the wonderful Startup-Weekend Team that worked so hard to get such a cool happening started! Especially with a new caterer who created an indulgeable buffet for everyone! They think it’s all over? No, its actually not, as the upcoming Gründer-Workshops will give many reasons to keep in touch and take part in startups deverlopments. As Lasse would put it: ‚Rock on fellas, as you are true Startup Rockstars!‘

Here are some tipps worth reading and watching concerning the #swhh12!

  • A big thankyou for Startup-Weekend teammember and photographer Jasper Tessman who shot quite a few lovely pics of the whole event and allowed me to share them with you!
  • Jörn Hendrik Ast created a video in which among many others Tim Jaudzims (swhh12 mentor and business angel for several startups such as and easyPEP) expressed his wish that Hamburg should become a better place to start a business (The video is highly recommendable and deserves a click!) Well, I can only go along with that as Hamburg has potentials to become the place-to-be for startups.

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